Periodontics in Converse, TX

Many cases of tooth loss are due to gum disease. Furthermore, gum disease is connected to many other chronic conditions like stroke, low birth weight, premature birth, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Our dental clinic in Converse, TX, focuses on preventing, treating, and managing periodontal disease. Our preventive care approach, coupled with conservative treatments, helps manage our patients’ periodontal health. We can stop gum disease from spreading and improve your oral health. Talk to our periodontist near you if you suspect gum diseases.

Healthy Gums Promote Healthy Teeth!

Having untreated gum disease leads to the weakening of the gum tissue. It also affects the teeth’s integrity. Our gum treatment dentist works with patients to address their unique contributors to gum disease. We also educate the patients to maintain good gum health to improve their physical well-being.

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal or gum disease is an oral condition that many people overlook, but its impact on oral and general health is so serious. It can weaken jaw structure, cause missing teeth, and damage the mouth’s arch.

Gum disease comes in different stages, including gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. The mildest form is gingivitis, characterized by bad breath and bleeding gums while brushing teeth.

When the disease progresses to spread to the bone, it becomes periodontitis. Here, it attacks the bones and other supporting tooth structures. Not checked, it advances to advanced periodontitis, which is very noticeable because a patient may have loose teeth, which start to die or fall out.

The Silent Nature of Gum Disease

One thing that makes gum disease so serious is that it can occur silently. Many patients don’t show obvious symptoms or signs, such as pain. Therefore, they stay with the condition until it reaches the advanced stages.

As such, we ask our patients to visit us every six months or twice yearly for regular checks. This way, we can catch gum disease or other conditions like cavities and worn enamel. Common symptoms associated with gum disease are receding, sore and bleeding gums; loose teeth; bad breath; changes in how the bite fits.

Seek Gum Disease Treatment in Converse, TX

Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry offers different treatment options for gum disease. The treatment we provide to each individual depends on their symptoms and how the disease has progressed. Our dentist provides conservative treatment like scaling and root planing. This treatment involves using special tools to eradicate plaque and tartar lodged deep in the gum pockets without causing harm to the gum tissue or even the enamel.

We provide gum graft surgery near you for patients with advanced gum disease. We offer surgery procedures like pocket reduction, soft tissue, and bone grafting.

In addition to having a periodontist specialist near you, we also have a dental implant periodontist near you. Our implant periodontist will place dental implants in patients who have lost teeth from periodontal disease.

If you require a top periodontist, visit The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry!

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