Pediatric Dentistry in Converse, TX

We consider ourselves at The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry as your child’s dental home. Our best pediatric dentist near you can teach and assist you in taking care of that adoring sweet smile of your kid. We know that establishing healthy oral habits among kids early on helps set a smooth and strong foundation to assist them in maintaining beautiful, healthy, and functional teeth and gums in the future. We provide gentle dental care to infants, teens, and kids with special needs.

Infant Dental Care

We want parents to bring their kids for their first visit to our kids’ dentist near you by the first year of life of the kid or within six months from when the kid’s first baby tooth erupts. In addition to performing an early dental assessment for your child, we also give you crucial tips for helping with home oral care. Our pediatric dentist near you will guide you on fluoride use, healthy teeth diet, oral habits, oral hygiene, and injury prevention.

Preventive Pediatric Care

Regular dental visits in pediatric dentistry are paramount in helping prevent and minimize oral disease. Get your kid to our pediatric dentist at least twice yearly for regular checkups, as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends. More frequent trips to our office may be needed if your kid is highly susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, or braces.

In routine checkups for your child, if you are over three years old, we can perform oral exams, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. We may also do X-rays at this time to help see any issues with growth and development and check for any disease like gum disease or decay. Besides exams, we also provide the following:

Dental sealants – These are applied on the crevices of teeth chewing surfaces, particularly the back teeth. Sealants serve as a protective barrier to plaque, bacteria, food debris, and acids in the mouth.

Mouthguards – Kids love participating in strenuous, competitive, and rigorous activities like sports. These activities subject them to mouth injuries. Mouthguards help prevent or reduce the severity of such mouth injuries. We custom-make mouthguards for your kid so that they fit correctly.

Restorative Pediatric Dental Care

Kids are highly vulnerable to decay, with nearly 5 in 10 kids in the USA having had decay in their teeth by the time they headed to kindergarten. Our children’s dentist near you does dental fillings for your kids using tooth-colored material called composite resin. White fillings are aesthetic and provide more conservative treatment. If a crown is too big, we may fit crowns to provide full coverage.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Care

Emergencies are distressing for parents and children. Taking prompt action to see an emergency pediatric dentist when your kids get dental injuries is paramount. Our emergency pediatric dentist near you can help reduce the effects of injury and lessen discomfort.

Visit us, our pediatric dentist in Converse, TX, for your children’s oral care needs!

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