Dental Implants in Converse, TX

Losing some of your teeth can put you in a situation where you’re trying to find the right solution to get your smile back while being as comfortable as possible. Thankfully, if you come to our dentist in Converse, TX, you can choose many options until you find the right one for your situation. Dental technology has greatly improved recently, so you have much more to choose from than just dentures.

One option that many people choose is dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss, but they are not without their downsides. Understanding the way that dental implants work and the different types of implants that are available will make it easier to make your decision should you decide that you want to replace your missing teeth with some.

What to Know About Dental Implants

First, you should know that dental implants are not your everyday false teeth. Whereas dentures and bridges use a resin material to create teeth to replace the ones you’re missing, dental implants are much more complex and durable. Dental implants are made to last for decades without needing to be repaired or replaced. This is what makes them permanent.

Second, dental implants have to be surgically installed. There is no snapping them in place, attaching them to existing teeth, or using adhesive to hold them in. There are also multiple types, so you won’t be able to search for the best dental implants near you; you’ll need to decide what you want based on cost, time, and other factors. Brands like All-on-4┬« dental implants offer a different solution than your standard dental implant.

Third, you don’t necessarily have to get implants for every tooth you are missing. While getting implants for an entire mouth full of teeth is possible, you can use implants to fill in gaps or even combine dental implants with other dental appliances like permanent dentures or a dental bridge to create a solution that works for you. You can talk with the dentist about the different options, and they will help you determine which option works best.

Finally, getting dental implants takes time and is a considerable investment compared to other options. The benefits are that implants are stronger and more durable than natural teeth and will feel natural over time. On top of being permanent, this makes them a worthwhile investment, but one that comes at a cost. It can take three months or more between implant surgeries, and each implant can cost thousands of dollars. These are important factors to consider when making your choice.

If you are comfortable with oral surgery and have the time and money to afford the implants you need to replace your missing teeth, they may be the perfect option for getting the smile you want.

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