Emergency Dentistry in Converse, TX

If you’re searching for a dentist that provides emergency dentistry near you along with a full suite of general, cosmetic, and preventive dental care, look no further than Dr. Andrew Akindutire and the caring team at The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry. As a top-rated dentist in Converse, TX, you’ll find that Dr. Andrew’s expert care and compassionate understanding during dental emergencies cannot be duplicated.

Are You Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

If you believe that you’re experiencing a dental emergency right now and need urgent and professional care, we ask that you call The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry to speak to a member of our dental care team. During this conversation, we’ll be able to assess the severity of your dental concern, provide triage information to treat the concern while waiting to be seen by our dentist, and ensure that we have the equipment and materials on hand to treat your emergency when you arrive.

Every patient will perceive their need for an emergency dentist in Converse, TX differently, so this initial call to our office is important to assess your needs and provide the best care. For example, if you notice blood when you brush or floss, that’s more a sign of your need for an appointment for preventive dental care than blood from your gums after an impact-related event.

Likewise, if you’re in pain from an infected tooth, our dentist in Converse, TX can triage your condition and provide advice on some at-home remedies such as over-the-counter pain relievers and dental rinses until we can see you.

The takeaway is that if you’re in doubt about whether or not you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we invite you to call us now for information about immediately coming to our office or what you can do at home in the interim.

Full-Service Dental Care in Converse, TX

Whether you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Converse, TX or a comprehensive dentist that can treat your dental emergency along with your general, cosmetic, and preventive dental care, we are here for you. We invite you to choose Dr. Akindutire at The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry for complete dentistry for you and your family.

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