Our Technology

Digital 3-D X-rays

Digital 3-D X-rays, or cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), have revolutionized the dental industry by providing a more comprehensive and detailed view of a patient's oral health. Unlike traditional 2-D X-rays, CBCT scans produce a 3-D image of the teeth, bone, and surrounding tissues, which allows our dentist to diagnose and treat dental problems more accurately. CBCT scans are especially useful for implant placement, orthodontics, and complex endodontic procedures. The high-quality images produced by CBCT scans also reduce the need for multiple X-rays, which reduces a patient's exposure to radiation and makes dental procedures more efficient.

In addition to their diagnostic benefits, CBCT scans offer several practical advantages. Digital images can be viewed and manipulated on a computer, allowing faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital files also occupy less physical space than traditional X-rays and can be easily stored and shared with other healthcare professionals.

Fully Digital Paperless Technology

The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry has a modern approach to patient care that has revolutionized how our dentists manage patient paperwork. By using digital technology to manage patient records, treatment plans, and billing, we have streamlined workflow, reduced costs, and improved patient outcomes. Eliminating paper records also reduces the risk of errors and the need for physical storage space. Additionally, digital records can be accessed securely from anywhere, allowing our dentist to provide remote consultations and share records with other healthcare professionals.

Digital technology has also transformed the way dental procedures are performed. Overall, a fully digital paperless dental office improves the efficiency and accuracy of patient care and enhances the patient experience by providing a more convenient and comfortable environment.

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