How Do Pediatric Dentists Treat Childhood Cavities?

April 27, 2023
Bacteria breakdown of tooth enamel results in cavities in children's teeth. The holes in children's teeth develop when sugars and starches remain on them, allowing mouth bacteria to change them and deposit acids. Over time the acids deposited by bacteria erode the tooth enamel causing holes in children's teeth.

How to Treat Cavities in Baby Teeth Naturally

The best way to treat cavities in children's teeth is to ensure they never develop. You might think the suggestion is practically impossible because children are chronically affected by tooth decay because of overindulgence in sugary and starchy foods and beverages, besides neglecting dental hygiene as recommended by the dentist near you. However, you can comfortably prevent cavities on your child's teeth using the following steps. The steps we suggest include the following:
  • Start brushing your child's teeth soon after the first tooth's appearance. Remember to brush your tongue and gums twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. If you cannot indulge in the activity, supervise your child when they are brushing.
  • Children younger than three benefit from a rice grain size of fluoride toothpaste. You can use a pea-sized grain of fluoride toothpaste for children over three.
  • After two years, start flossing your child's teeth daily.
  • Refrain your child from having sticky and starchy foods that tend to remain on the teeth to encourage cavities.
  • Visit the dental office in Converse, TX, for your child's dental exams and cleanings as the dentist recommends.

Alternatives to Filling Cavities in Baby Teeth

The pediatric dentist in Converse, TX, diagnoses tooth decay in your child by inquiring into their health history, taking dental x-rays, and performing an exam of their mouth. Tooth decay discovered in the early stages is reversible by providing fluoride treatments in the dental office that help strengthen tooth enamel. Unfortunately, suppose the decay is found too late. In that case, your child will not benefit from alternatives and will need treatments to eliminate the deterioration in their teeth depending on their symptoms, age, and the extent of the damage created by the bacteria. When removing decay from children's teeth, the dentist in Converse, TX, eliminates the decayed portion of the tooth by giving children local anesthesia before filling the hollow space. Materials that help repair damage in a tooth from holes are called fillers. They are also known as dental restorations; different fillers are available for children's teeth. Your child may receive direct fillings from the pediatric dentist near you, placing the filler in the hollow space left by decay removal. In addition, children generally receive tooth-colored fillings to ensure the fillers don't impact their aesthetic appearance. Children might also receive indirect fillings created in dental laboratories if the tooth damage created by the cavity extends beyond the cusps but is not significant enough to require a crown. In such cases, the pediatric dentist nearby suggests inlays or Onlays created from composite resin or porcelain provide durable fillers in your child's tooth. However, the modality of treating childhood cavities remains the same as restoring adult teeth.

How Do Children Overcome Dental Fear?

Whether you believe it or not, children are also anxious about dental visits and hate the smells and sounds of the office. They will not overcome dental fear merely by discussing treatment for the cavities by making up stories. You will find it practically impossible to convince your child the Converse, TX, dentist will throw out harmful mouth bacteria to prevent the infection from spreading. Therefore you must discuss techniques to help your child overcome dental fear with the Converse, TX professional having multiple remedies to calm your child. Your child will likely express fear at seeing Dr. Andrew Akindutire approaching them with a syringe to inject local anesthesia near the affected tooth. Dentists know this phenomenon and ensure your child is calm and composed by providing nitrous oxide. This inhalable gas relaxes children instantly and dissipates from the body soon after the doctor switches off the gas. Nitrous oxide enables children to overcome dental fear and receive the much-needed treatment to eliminate the decay and receive the fillers as the dentist recommends. Children are constantly affected by cavities because they are not stringent with their oral hygiene, but at the same time, they do not stop overindulging in foods and beverages harmful to their teeth. Pediatric dentists suggest treating cavities in the earliest stages when they are reversible using fluoride treatments. Unfortunately, if they progress, children will need fillings, root canals, dental crowns, or even tooth extractions with space maintainers from their providers. Therefore the best option is to prevent children from developing cavities by caring for their dental health with constant supervision and regular meetings with the Converse, TX, specialist for exams and cleanings. If you think your child has white or brown spots on teeth, do not delay The Light Family Dental & Implant Dentistry with your child seeking treatment for a minor or significant problem. The dental practice can help reverse or restore your child's tooth and prevent substantial problems later.
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